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Donna Johnson, LMT
massage therapy for a better life




Unfortunately, I will be closed because of COVID 19. I look forward to coming back to work and seeing all of you again when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, keep up your stretching and exercises so your pain level will be as low as possible during this time.

My name is Donna Lynn Johnson and I would like to welcome you to a true massage experience. 

This isn't massage for relaxation, I recommend going to a spa for that. A massage with me is meant to be productive. I don't intend to just give you an hour of relaxation, I intend to improve your day to day life. I do this by improving the condition of your body. I will attempt to alleviate chronic pain and restricted movement so that you can live the life you want to live.

Massage is a partnership between therapist and client. As the therapist, I can feel problem areas that you may not have noticed yet. I can also find the source of your pain, which is not necessarily where you percieve it. This is due to the existence of Trigger Points in your body that may cause referred pain. This may also be a result of secondary injury. I cannot, however, feel your level of pain. Different people have a different pain tolerance. This is where the partnership comes in. I, the therapist, depend on you, the client, to keep me informed of what you feel AND what you want.  This is your treatment. If you don't let me know what's going on, I can't give you the best possible treatment. I believe each massage should be catered to each individual person for each individual treatment. That is what gives you a true massage experience.


If you need further information, please call 401-290-8114